Flexible Life Interest Trust  

Protecting your Family’s Future

When making your Will, you may want to ensure your spouse/civil partner is well-provided for but feels anxious about what would happen if his/her situation changes.

If your whole estate passes directly to your spouse, there is a risk that your children’s inheritance may be lost entirely or substantially reduced. If, for example, your spouse:

If you are in a couple with children from previous relationships, you may be concerned about how family relationships can change after death and the increased risk of conflict and loss of inheritance.

You may also feel concerned about your children (or other
beneficiaries) inheriting, for example, if they are young, vulnerable or go through a divorce in future.

As the future is difficult to predict, you may want flexibility so that decisions can be made at the time to protect inheritance from being wasted or ending up in the wrong hands.
Including a Flexible Life Interest Trust in your Will can offer several benefits: